Welcome to our website, we love for you to get comfortable and have a good browse around. We specialise in weddings however from time to time we have posts ranging from fashion, travel and commercial work.

Our team is absolutely passionate and in love with photography, we approach it as more than a job. Our greatest passion is in wedding and portrait photography - this is because we seriously LOVE people, their stories and the beautiful stories that we capture on their wedding day.

We believe in the resonance and staying power of capturing a unique, powerful and special moments in pictures, that is why we attempt to deliver tailored excellent service and quality pictures to each of our clients.







With Lebondphotography, your wedding experience will be one filled with amazing moments and emotive memories. Starting with the proposal, a twinkle in the eye of your fiancé, and the promise of forever – through to the actual wedding day, the stunning ceremony and reception locations and beautiful wedding photography…

When the day is over, your memories will be enhanced from capturing special moments and the story of your love.


We specialise on creating amazing pre wedding experiences that is tailored to you. We spend time in understanding you as as a couple and brainstorming creative ideas to display your unique personalities and love for each other.


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We have experience in fashion editorials, beauty and shows. We have a unique take in creating soft, ephemeral and classical photographic images.


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Focused on providing professional photography that enhances the visual representation of the brand



We love to travel and capture beautiful landscapes